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Nate is in 51st CIFF, driving intelligent development in office furniture

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The 51st China (Guangzhou) International Furniture Fair is the first global super-large-scale furniture fair after a major and decisive victory in epidemic prevention and control. This exhibition focuses on the orientation of "design leading, internal and external circulation, whole chain coordination" and the theme of "building a beautiful home together and serving a new pattern"


On March 28th, CIFF opened in Guangzhou Import and Export Fair Complex. Shaoxing Naite Drive Technology Co., Ltd. also participated in the exhibition with new products and professional teams. Booth number: 8.1E11.

Adapt to new markets and meet new demands with new solutions.

After the epidemic, major well-known enterprises have adopted mixed office mode. Therefore, these models have also become new choices for emerging enterprises, and major well-known office furniture brands have provided brand-new space design and office furniture solutions.

Although the area and layout of our booth are not unique, we have attracted many merchants from all over the world with our high-quality products. Nate's professional business team received one-on-one and answered customers' questions quickly and accurately, and introduced the advantages of our Naite products to everyone professionally.


Not the best, but the better.

During the Canton Fair, we not only attracted some business opportunities, but also learned a lot of knowledge including booth decoration and products. The most important beginning of learning is to go out and open up your knowledge.

Finally, congratulations to Nate for his complete success in the 51st Guangzhou International Furniture Fair. See you at the Japan exhibition!


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