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Nate is at ORGATEC TOKYO in 2023

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As an exhibition for office furniture in Japan, ORGATEC TOKYO pays great attention to the problems related to the mixed working environment, and at the same time conveys a forward-looking view for the mobile workplace to the audience. Due to the prevalence of digital, interconnected and shared office space in the world, the value of the workplace is becoming increasingly prominent.

Shaoxing Naite Drive Technology Co., Ltd. also participated in the exhibition with our best-selling products and new products. 

After the epidemic was opened, the furniture markets in various countries were reopened. The company's pavilions have attracted customers from all over the world. The booth of our Nate Company is equally crowded. Adhering to the concept of "healthy office", we replace the traditional desk with a cheap and high-quality liftable desk. Do "stand alternately", protect our cervical vertebrae, and do "both money and health".

Finally, Nate Drive will continue to develop more new products, and I believe that it will be exhibited in various countries in the near future.


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