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Keep a good attitude and make life better

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In today's increasingly accelerated pace of life, from "996" to "007", from "lying flat" to "rotten", heavy pressure accompanies each of us, and serious involution overwhelms our hearts.

If you want to stand out from the crowd and become the master of life, a good attitude is the decisive factor. Have the following three mentality, let the pressure plummet and let good things happen.



"Thousands of people with thousands of faces, hundreds of people." Everyone's background and growth environment are different. Maybe it's the roommate who accompanies you to skip classes and play games every day in college and is not enterprising; maybe it's the coworker who fishes together at work and is confused.

When you go your separate ways, you will find that the gap between people is a huge, difficult to bridge gap. It turns out that the parents of your roommate have already prepared all the formalities for studying abroad. After returning from overseas, you will have a decent job. After graduation, you will compete with tens of millions of graduates and run around the major office buildings with a low grade point resume. It turns out that a colleague is a relative of a senior executive in the company, and he can live by without worries, but you worry about performance every day, and you are always worried about whether you will be the next one to be laid off.

There is a phenomenon of cognitive bias called the "Dark effect". Refers to the lack of ability to draw wrong conclusions on the basis of their own lack of consideration, but unable to correctly recognize their own inadequacies.

Only by looking at yourself from the perspective of others can you discover your own shortcomings and flaws.



The German philosopher Nietzsche once said: "Don't stay on the plains, and don't climb too high. The world looks the most beautiful when you look down from a half-height."

Threshold is the minimum stimulus intensity required to release a behavioral response. Everyone's threshold is different. For the homeless, a full meal can be satisfied; for ordinary people, a trip can complete the cleansing of the soul.

In behavioral science, there is a well-known "the theory of eating melon seeds". It means that when you eat melon seeds, you will feel that time passes quickly. But if you replace the same amount of time with studying or thinking, you will feel that every second is like a year. This is because it only takes a few seconds to get feedback from eating melon seeds, which is a typical high threshold behavior. Learning or thinking is a long-term process, and feedback cannot be perceived in a short period of time, so it will be difficult.

If you are immersed in high-threshold behaviors for a long time, you will automatically avoid low-threshold behaviors psychologically. So when you are enjoying the pleasure brought by high-threshold behaviors, please know how to restrain yourself and avoid being dominated by high-threshold behaviors.



"Speech is the most effective medicine man has ever used."

Everyone "talks", but not everyone "talks". Seeing this sentence, I have to sigh at the breadth and depth of Chinese culture. There are often well-meaning wrong-talkers in life who use neutral or slightly derogatory words to cause the audience to misinterpret the meaning. People who make this kind of mistake usually have no bad intentions, but they lack thinking when speaking and do not understand packaging.

The Communication Bible states: "The main obstacle to effective communication is our individual interpretation of the meaning of words." This is the result of a particular group's decision. The same sentence, you think it is honest, but others may think that you do not respect him; you think it is right, but others may think it is biased.

The content of what you said is too subjective, and it may completely change the taste in other people's ears. This determines that what you say must be in line with common sense, or in line with the understanding of most people.

In order to avoid unnecessary misunderstandings, we can think carefully before speaking: should we say this sentence? Right? Will it hurt others to say it? After this triple thinking, our language will be modified to the greatest extent possible.


After integrating the above three mentalities into life, you will find that life is not full of malice to us, it will also bring sunshine and hope, and everything will develop in the direction you expect.

You have to go the right way, not the right way, but the easy way.

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