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How do new salespeople do sales?

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Sales is an art, it needs to go through continuous learning, practice, summary.

Behind sales is interpersonal interaction and links.

There are thousands of questions raised by customers, and there are thousands of solutions, but only from the heart for the sake of customers, standing in the perspective of customers to help customers solve problems, with their own professional service, collocation, so that customers more confident, more beautiful, more satisfied is the core of the key.


/ー/The awakening of sales 1. Sales need to break the limitations of selling thinking

sales ≠ selling

Sales = Understanding + Service + Marketing + Learning

Regarding services, services are divided into general services and customized services. Ordinary service is a service that implements a unified standard for all customers, in order to be fair and efficient. But the problem with this type of service is that serving people with standard formulas can leave customers feeling a lack of emotion. Customized service is a personalized service tailored to each customer's actual situation with different services for different customers. Advantages: empathize with customers, make people warm and leave a good impression. Sales who are not born to sell are all grown and confident through experience after experience. Marketing includes marketing oneself, marketing company products and marketing skills (body language, wording, volume and tone of speech, etc.), learning is self-learning ability (internal and external related), learning to understand customers' hobbies, tastes, etc.

Is there an advantage in being good looking in sales?

People are visual creatures and love pretty things and people.

But at work, the light is not good to do things that is absolutely not.

In fact, my sharing today does not mean that we should engage in the luxury sales industry, but that we can use the underlying cognitive mode of "luxury sales thinking" as the core in any sales industry to provide logical guarantee for our behavior and thinking in actual sales work, so that we can do better.

In fact, sales is really a very comprehensive career.

In addition to professional knowledge, sales have to face all kinds of people and deal with all kinds of problems every day.

After experiencing these baptisms, it is better to get started in which industry.

How to treat people, how to deal with people, etc.

Because when I worked in luxury sales, ordinary clothing sales and then designer shopping shops, I found that most of the common faults of sales were selling for the sake of selling, with a little knowledge of the company's products and a lack of service awareness, marketing awareness and learning ability.

2. The importance of teamwork. A colleague I once knew was a one-man type. She has a very strong mouth and can make a deal, but she never does any work other than sales, such as store management, Take pictures, etc. This will cause dissatisfaction among other colleagues, and the working atmosphere of everyone is also very bad. Good teamwork means that there will be a master and a deputy in general sales. If the main reception is me, I just need to be responsible for the main reception of the guests, and introduce the products and matching to the customers. So what my deputy (my colleague) needs to do is to cooperate with me in finding goods for customers, serving tea and pouring water. verbal coordination, etc. With the cooperation of team members, we can not only facilitate transactions as soon as possible, but also make our work atmosphere particularly good and positive.

Summary: Good teamwork can learn from each other's strengths to complement one's weaknesses and continuously improve their comprehensive ability;.

Good teamwork can create performance value;

Good teamwork can have a positive impact on customers;

Every good salesman should contribute his own strength to the team, and only when he is happy can he have a good working atmosphere and create more value.



sales communication skills

1. Build your own selling style

2. Be good at discovering the details of customers entering the store (preparing for relationship building and follow-up sales):

Storefront details Product details, personal grooming details (company brand image);

Customer private details (in preparation for building customer intimacy trust loyalty) ه

3. Develop a sincere and personalized service

4. Ability to prevent complaints and handle objections

Doing sales is actually quite tiring, and you have to learn to live with loneliness. I can't relax when no one is there, and I'm grateful for learning a lot in this industry, and I also learn a lot from my guests.


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