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How Does The Paint Office Furniture Brush The Paint?

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Office furniture to do a good job of maintenance, paint is a necessary process, at the same time the benefits of paint have a lot, can make office furniture more beautiful, and reflect the taste of a company leadership. Painted office furniture also creates a good office environment for employees. So we must know the process of office furniture painting and painting. How does paint office furniture brush and paint?

First, the office furniture sand inspection sand is the prelude of the whole quality of the paint. The quality of the sand inspection directly affects the quality of the whole product. It is also one of the indispensable processes in the paint shop. Before inspection of the product, the last process of the product should be inspected, the dust is scraped on the place where the texture is deep, there is a small missing angle or local small peel. Then the flat sand machine is used to grind the flat products with 240# sand paper. Some products can not be used by the available hand or the self-made tool that can not be operated by the machine. Grinding. After grinding, 400# abrasive paper is used for the two time until the quality acceptance standard is met.

Two. The purpose of the office furniture to wipe the color is to better display the texture and texture of the material, to correct the color difference of the material, and to improve the efficiency of the color repair. In the process of color cleaning, the operator can accurately distinguish the different color difference, such as the large color difference needs to be re colored or coloured, until the color match. But we should pay attention to that every product must be cleaned up in the process of rubbing, so as not to cause color difference between products.

Three, the purpose of office furniture bottom oil painting is to increase the thickness of furniture paint film and improve the smoothness of the next process operation. Usually in furniture industry, the most widely enclosed and totally enclosed type is the three times of spraying the base oil normally, but every time it needs the next process to grind. From the blending of the paint to the quality of the spraying, the general requirements for the first coating are not too thick, but the back of the coating should increase the number of spraying with the number of times. Each time the coating should be evenly sprayed and no flow phenomenon occurs.

Four, the quality of the oil mill of office furniture is very high, the effect of oil grinding out directly affects the quality of the next process, and the oil mill is also the most problematic process in the process of making furniture and paint.

Five. The maximum effect of the office furniture repair color on the product is to make the color of each product consistent. It is suitable for the general spraying four times for the flat work products (such as the table surface and the door surface etc.). The color requirements of the side and the front should be consistent. The product (such as the dining chair, the cabinet) should first spray the spray to the place where it is not easy to spray. After each product is painted, the color plate should be compared, and the color is consistent.

Six, the surface oil of office furniture is the last process of paint production, and the last process of the whole furniture manufacturing process. The quality of surface oil spray mainly consists of two factors, environmental factors and human factors. Environmental factors mean that the environmental hygiene in the spray room is not clean enough, which results in too much particles and bad handle. Human factors refer to the uneven spraying of oil paint surface and the parts and rough parts that have not been sprayed. I really don't know, but the furniture painting process is so complex and exquisite. This also explains from the other side that why our DIY paint products are always difficult to meet the relevant requirements, in a sense, the strict, complex process is an important guarantee of quality.

The above is the office furniture brush paint of the process of some of the introduction, I believe that you have a certain understanding of the office furniture brush paint, office furniture to do a good job maintenance and maintenance work, paint is an essential part of the brush paint, we must understand the art of painting, and choose green and environmental paint, Ensure the health of the staff.




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