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Healthy life is priceless

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A woman and her husband went home and found three old men with gray beards sitting at the door.

The couple looked at each other and said to them:

"I don't know who you are, but you may be hungry, please come in with me to eat."

Unexpectedly, they waved their hands, and one of the old men explained:

"My name is health, this one is wealth, that one is success;

You can go into the room and discuss, and would you like any of us to come in as a guest. "

So the husband and wife went into the house to discuss.

The wife said, "Let's let the wealth in, so that we will have an endless supply of gold and silver treasures!"

The husband disagreed: "Dear, you see that my work has not been going well recently. It would be better if we invite success!"

The daughter on the side was also listening, and she suggested:

"Why don't you invite Health in? In this way, our family is healthy and we can live happily together!"

The husband touched his daughter's head, turned to his wife and said, "Listen to your daughter, go and invite Health to the house as a guest."

The wife then went out and asked, "I dare to ask who is healthy? Welcome in as a guest."

Health got up and walked into the house. Fortune and Success also stood up and followed closely behind.

The wife asked in astonishment about wealth and success:

"I only invited Health, why did the two of you also come with me?"

The two old men stroked their gray beards and said:

"Wherever health goes, we will accompany him wherever he goes, because we can't live without him. But if you don't invite him into the house, no matter who comes in, the two of us will soon lose our life and vitality."

After reading it, everyone suddenly realized:

Imagine if the person who was invited was wealth or success, even if the family gained a short-lived gratification and surprise, without health, everything would be illusory in a short time.

Looking back, what choice would you make if it were you?

We have also fought for wealth, and we have been annoyed by others and hurt ourselves;

She also worked hard for her success, but she failed to get over the big hurdle of health in the end.

It is said that health is like the number 1. Wealth, career, and family are all 0. Only when 1 is stabilized, there will be countless 0s behind. Otherwise, there will be nothing.

Before making a choice, God gave the family a chance, and the clearer the mind, the better able to discover the most important things in the world.


It is not because you are successful that you have wealth and health. It is because of health that success and wealth can be maintained.

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