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[Health Promotion Day 2023] World Population Day-promoting gender equality and protecting the health of women and children.

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July 11, 2023 is the 34th World Population Day, the United Nations Population Fund defines the theme as "Unleash the power of gender equality: Raise the voice of women and girls and release the infinite possibilities of our world. "

The National Health and Health Commission identified the theme of China as "Promote gender equality and protect the health of women and children"


The origin of World Population Day

On July 11th, 1987, the population of the earth reached 5 billion. To commemorate this special day, in 1989, the Governing Council of the United Nations Development Programme suggested that the international community designate July 11th as World Population Day. In 1990, according to the recommendation of the 36th session of the Governing Council of UNDP, the United Nations decided to designate July 11th as "World Population Day" every year to arouse people's concern about population development, resources and environment. Accordingly, July 11th, 1990 became the first World Population Day. Every year, on July 11th, World Population Day, countries will hold related publicity activities to arouse the attention of governments and people all over the world on population issues. July 11th, 2023 is the 34th World Population Day.


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