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Happy Nurse Day

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International Nurses' Day was established to commemorate Nightingale, the founder of modern nursing and nursing education. Florence nightingale (May 12, 1820-August 13, 1910) was a female nurse in England. During the Crimean War from 1854 to 1856, she led 38 nurses to the front line to take part in the nursing of the wounded and sick, established the hospital administrator system, improved the quality of nursing, and made the death rate of the wounded and sick drop rapidly. In 1860, she founded the first nursing school in Britain, which made the nursing career gradually professional and scientific, and promoted the development of nursing work and nurse education in western European countries and around the world.


Nurses are the dew of spring, pure, clear and caring.

Nurses are the hot summer sun, with charming and passionate smiles.

Nurses are the sunset glow in autumn, beautiful, moving, considerate and gentle.

Nurses are wintersweet in winter, strong and unyielding and blooming silently.

Nurses write the most beautiful youth with sweat.

Nurses carve the most beautiful life with dedication

This is the best interpretation of Nightingale's spirit.

The inexhaustible motive force of "Do not forget your initiative mind, live up to its youth"

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