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Ergonomic Chair Design: Office Stool

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According to scientific research in the United States, sitting for a long time has a great impact on human health. In China, 80% of office workers spend 8-10 hours in office buildings, especially in first-tier cities of China. I remember in my previous job, I worked until three or four o’clock in the morning. The authoritative survey data report on occupational injuries shows that 50% of the illnesses are caused by "static work posture". For example, lumbar disc herniation, cervical curvature deformation, spondylitis of the shoulder, etc.


However, a good office environment is not enough. A good office chair is of great help to our office efficiency and human health. It makes you not tired after sitting for a long time and can correct postures and protect important parts of our bodies. How to choose an office chair that can protect waists and cervical spines? This is a question that many friends ask me.

I recommend office stools, as these are carefully researched and designed. They have been on the market for a while, making them widely acceptable. Office stools are specifically designed for human spines. They have an appropriate height and a fine angle which makes our body relaxed while working. If you have more budget, you can add a smart lift table. With these in your hands, working should be efficient and healthy.  

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