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Electric Lift Desk Buying Guide

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As early as last year, a friend around me gave me an recommend Nate lift desk, and also explained to me the benefits of standing office from personal experience, but I have never been willing to buy it .

But sitting for 10 hours a day makes me really tired, my shoulders, lumbar spine, and buttocks are all tired. So last month, I gritted my teeth and finished the whole lifting table carefully selected by Tmall, which just happened to be compared with the Nate 2AR2 of the studio friends.

Is a lift table necessary?



Judging from my own experience for more than a month, my subjective conclusion is that the working method of sitting and standing is indeed beneficial. It can obviously feel that the pain in the lower back is reduced, and the work efficiency is improved.

My own sitting time is roughly, sitting for an hour, standing for about 20 minutes, and then standing for a while when I feel sleepy and after meals.

In order to achieve rapid sitting and standing alternation without affecting the working time, it is necessary to introduce a lift table.


Lifting table type

From the functional categories of the lifting table, it can be divided into floor lifting table, desktop lifting table and mobile lifting table.

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The floor area of the floor-to-ceiling desk is close to that of a normal desk, or even larger. The weight-bearing range of the desk is usually more than 50Kg. It needs a motor to provide power to achieve lifting, and the lifting operation is simple.

The desktop lifting table, as the name implies, can be placed on the desk, foldable, and provides lifting power through hydraulic rods, springs, etc., and can bear a small range of weight, generally within 8Kg. It is recommended that only laptops be placed on the desktop.

The movable desk, a mini version of the floor desk, usually has only one support leg and four pulleys at the bottom, so the chair can be moved easily. Power is provided by a pneumatic rod, which requires a person to manually pull up or press down. The load-bearing range is also less. This product on the market is basically within 10Kg. It is also recommended for notebook computers.

Among the three types of lifting tables, the floor-standing lifting table is the most convenient to use, but the cost is also the highest. Usually, the price of a single motor is thousands of dollars.

If you are at home, working in a fixed location, or the office space allows, a floor-standing lift desk is more recommended.

Nate's standing desk are pretty good, we passed ISO9001 certification, CE、cULus、PSE、UL、TUV、SAA、BIFMA certification.  

Stability: There are two involved, one is the stability when lifting, and the other is the stability after rising to the highest level. Theoretically speaking, the 3-section table legs, the formal ones, and the dual-motor ones are more stable.

Other functions: High memory is very important and practical, and it is basically standard. In addition, on the buttons, I feel that the physical buttons are easier to operate than the touch, and the touch hands are a little sweaty, so you need to press two or three times.

We have various models and styles of lift tables for you to choose from, and the quality is excellent.  If space conditions permit, a floor-standing lift table is more recommended. If the budget is sufficient, choose a dual-motor model. Space conditions do not allow, choose a desktop type, it doesn't matter if you only use a notebook, and choose a small one.

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