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Application Of Electric Push Rod As Lifting Column Platform Function

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A new type of linear lifting mechanism consisting of motor, push rod and control device, which is composed of electric motor, push rod and control device, can realize long distance control and centralized control. The lift column of the electric push rod is carried out and down in a certain range. The standard stroke of the lifting column of the electric push rod is in general, and the special stroke can also be designed and made according to the requirements of different application conditions. The electric push rod can design the elevating column of the electric push rod with different thrust according to the different application load. The maximum thrust can reach 6000N. The running speed of the lift column is 5mm/s after the load, and the four face guide structure design and the DC electric push rod are used to make the lifting column of the electric push rod have a stable lift and a quiet sound. The utility model has the advantages of beautiful appearance and small installation volume, and can save many complicated pipelines compared with pneumatic and hydraulic lifting and actuating mechanisms. As the electric push rod needs only a small amount of electricity in several seconds of execution for several seconds, the power consumption and Qigong are compared with the hydraulic mechanism, only a few scores of the above mechanism are reached, and many auxiliary equipment such as air compressor, oil pump and so on can be saved. The electric push rod lifting column is a lifting platform with high economic efficiency. It is widely used in many fields, especially for office furniture, lifting computer tables, household electric beds, and other high-end furniture industry.


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