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Two Legs Ergonomic Standing Desk

Two Legs Ergonomic Standing Desk

Adjustable design meets people’s ergonomic needs-a variety postures from sitting to standing. It could help to relieve the strain on back and neck. Beside health concern, our work will become more creative and productive.NT33-2AR2 with 2segment column is more economic option compared with NT33-A3 standing desk, cause it uses fewer materials in desk column. Our 2-legged with 2-segment NT33-AR2,the height range is between 650mm to 1150mm.

Benefit of standing desk:

Increase your staff’s productivity
People need to get out of their chair and move at least five minutes per hour. Micro-breaks reduce fatigue. Many employees do not have the flexibility to get away from their workstations every hour. Using a sit-stand desk allows employees to take a break from their static posture without leaving their area. 

Create flexible workstations
Electric adjustable desks allow users to comfortably and quickly adjust to the task at hand through the touch of a button. For instance, if a colleague or a customer drops in, it's no problem... you can adjust the desk to a group working level and meet in comfort. As an added bonus, when you stand you can keep meetings and “on the fly” interruptions shorter. 

  • Height range 650mm to 1150mm

  • Quiet soft start/stop motor with hall sensor synchronized movement

  • Eco-friendly 0.1w standby power with low-draw transformer

  • Anti-collision technology to prevent damage

  • Width adjustable frame telescope from1000mm to 1800mm

  • Laser your company logo on controller

  • Tailor-made design support

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