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Two Legs Manager Sit-stand Desk.

Two Legs Manager Sit-stand Desk.

Can be used for height adjustment; Break the traditional sitting office, sitting learning habits, so that the human body more stretch, more freedom; More humanization to improve work efficiency;

Adjustable design meets people’s ergonomic needs-a variety postures from sitting to standing. It could help to relieve the strain on back and neck. Beside health concern, our work will become more creative and productive.NT33-2AR2 with 2segment column is more economic option compared with NT33-A3 standing desk, cause it uses fewer materials in desk column. Our 2-legged with 2-segment NT33-AR2,the height range is between 650mm to 1150mm.

  • Height range 650mm to 1150mm

  • Quiet soft start/stop motor with hall sensor synchronized movement

  • Eco-friendly 0.1w standby power with low-draw transformer

  • Anti-collision technology to prevent damage

  • Width adjustable frame telescope from1000mm to 1800mm

  • Laser your company logo on controller

  • Tailor-made design support

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