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Why Choose The Lift Table
Feb 01, 2018

The dangers of sedentary office

According to Xinhua newspaper reprinted "Life Times" report sedentary sitting is the most gentle "chronic suicide." [1]

1. Obesity

Sit for a long day, eat more calories than you consume, body fat is easy to accumulate, weight will rise.

2, Memory decline

Sedentary, slow blood circulation, resulting in insufficient blood supply to the brain, resulting in mental repression, manifested in fatigue, mental weakness, yawning.

3. Lumbar spine disease

Long time to stay seated, body weight pressure at the bottom of the spine, coupled with a long shoulder and neck inactivity, easy to cause cervical stiffness, serious even lead to spinal deformation and induce the spine and bone hyperplasia.

4, anorexia

Sedentary lack of whole body movement, will make gastrointestinal peristalsis weakened, digestive fluid secretion is reduced, the day long will appear appetite, indigestion and fullness and other symptoms.

5, gynecological diseases

Sedentary women are also susceptible to gynecological diseases. Many women get cervical disease not because of bad health habits, but with sedentary. Sedentary will hinder the formation of immune cells, resulting in decreased resistance, coupled with blood circulation is not smooth, easy to cause cervicitis and other gynecological diseases