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The Difference Between A Table And A Case
Feb 01, 2018

There is an essential difference between the table and the case. What is the case, what is the table? Generally speaking, the position of the leg determines its name, but it is not related to height, size, function. The position of the leg is indented a case, the position of the leg resists Four Corners for table. Apart from the difference between the shape, the table and the case more important difference, is the spiritual level difference. The difference is that the level of the case is higher than the table. For example, we often say that littleshenyang, outraged, astounding, are relatively high levels of emotion, if we say that the table to stare at the eyes, the table hit the bench is a low level of emotion. Littleshenyang was surprised, and the racket of the table glared at the eyes was angry, and it expressed a different mood. Everything related to the table is low, and the case is very high. The Chinese put a commitment clearly, which is our culture is higher than the essence of others.