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Table And Seat
Feb 01, 2018

Table height and seat height should be matched with reasonable. The difference between the two is 300~320mm. High desktop will cause the sitting shrug, bow, elbow lower than the desktop and feel uncomfortable, such as long-term desk work will lead to neck (ridge) vertebral hypertrophy, desktop too low will make the human abdomen pressure and cause muscle tension, easy fatigue. Reasonable height of the human body integrity, the front dip is not greater than 30 degrees, shoulder relaxation, elbow bending close to 90 degrees, visual range to maintain the distance from the desktop 350~400mm. The width and depth of the desktop can reach the level of the sitting hand, and the necessary equipment can be placed. such as the width and depth of the square table is generally 750~1000mm, the single cabinet desk is 900~1200mm, deep 500~600mm, many people and the table, meeting table, according to the per capita 500~600mm meters wide. The lower part of the table activity space, width is generally not less than 520mm, depth is not less than 450mm, high not less than 580mm, to keep the leg stretching comfort.