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Manual Lifting Table
Feb 01, 2018

On the current market for such tables analysis: Most of the hand spinning a button lifting the desktop, to reach the inclination or rise of the purpose, the rising range is very small, but suitable for painting the crowd to use or pupils to do homework; the other is a groove on the table leg, the user raised the desktop with their hands, so that the desktop card in the Groove part, this elevation is very primitive, time-consuming Ferris, But suitable for the growth of children, due to the growth of height can be appropriate to increase the desktop, the service life of a few years.

The above two strictly speaking, will not be selected by the office, it should not be called as lifting Desk, the category of elevating tables.

According to the current foreign and domestic part of the use of lifting desks of the crowd to see: Most of the use of the lifting desk is electric, electric lifting table power, Take-off and landing speed, the price is slightly higher, but high reasonable, cost-effective.

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