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Introduction To The Table
Feb 01, 2018

Pictophonetic。 From the wood, from the Zhuo Province, Zhuo province also sound. The table character is "Zhuo". Zhuo has high and upright righteousness. Later, people according to the "Zhao" is the characteristics of the wooden system "table" word. Vulgar and make "Zhao". Original meaning: Several cases of aquiline) for people to rely on and support objects of furniture. Also known as Taiwan. Several, the case also belongs to the table class. As early as 4,000 years ago, there were wooden tables in ancient Egypt. In 1th century, the marble and bronze tables appeared in Ancient Rome. In the Warring States of China, there are several and cases, such as the 1978 Hubei with the county unearthed the Warring States paint case and paint a few. One of the paint case modelling dignified and stable, the case of the leg is a grid-like, the main pillar carved into a bird, the appearance of painting patterns, paint a few for the plate-like legs, tenon-structure paint lacquer zhu. The high table appeared in Sui and Tang dynasties.

Table of a wide variety, according to the form can be branched and cabinet-type two types. The bracket is composed of a desk and a bracket, such as a table, a meeting table, etc., and the cabinet is composed of the desktop and the cabinet, such as desks, drawing tables, etc. The variety of modern tables tends to combine, multi-purpose development gradually.

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