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Benefits Of Standing Office
Feb 01, 2018

1. When standing, can promote the whole body blood circulation more unobstructed, so that the whole body to obtain more oxygen and energy, more energetic

2 When you are standing,. More focus will give you a sense of urgency, focus more

3. When standing, through the whole body of the meridians, the whole body of energy flow naturally, make the body healthier.

4. When standing, can let oneself more sober, the thought clearer

5. When standing, the spine is upright, does not bend the hunchback, maintains the good body shape, maintains the good stature, but also may prevent the myopia

6. Let you have more time to rest, before sitting at work, done for a long time, are numb, do not know that they should rest, when you stand tired, you have a feeling, tell yourself to rest, this will improve their efficiency.