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Automatic Lifting Table
Feb 01, 2018

Automatic lifting table is generally based on electricity as the power source, through the motor control mechanism to adjust the height of the lift table, can also be controlled by the compressor pressure bar or hydraulic rod to adjust the height of the lifting table.

Advantages: The power consumption is very small, stable and beautiful style, a large range of take-off and landing.

Such tables have single-column and double column form, the way there are remote control and hand control two kinds, this concept to foreign popular, at present there are professional manufacturers and has developed a patented product.

Disadvantages: The price is not expensive, single and double column price is above two thousand or three thousand, foreign equivalent product price higher. Its main take-off and landing depends on the electric lifting system, the quality of the Take-off and landing system determines its service life, because the lifting system is a mature industry, solid selection of quality manufacturers generally will not be a problem.

In the early 21st century, the majority of foreign companies and urban office staff selected. The West is more popular.