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Why is the electric desk a very suitable office furniture for modern people?
Dec 16, 2018

Why is the electric desk a very suitable office furniture for modern people?

    The electric desk is an office furniture that is very suitable for modern people, especially those who need to use the computer for a long time. The automatic lifting table features make it very comfortable and can be adjusted according to the height desired by the user. The electric desk can adjust the height at will, can be lowered to sit at height, or can be used at elevated height.

    The electric desk consists of an electric desk top, a controller, an electric desk foot, an electric desk lift table legs and other accessories. The electric desk lift table legs are the core accessories of the electric desk, under the action of the electric desk lifting table legs. The electric desk can adjust the desk to the most comfortable height according to the height or the comfort level of the individual. It can easily stand up and work to prevent sedentary diseases such as spine, cervical lesions, obesity and diabetes. !

     The performance characteristics of the electric desk: (1) The electric desk is different from the traditional desk. It adopts the unique design of the combined split type, which is convenient for packaging and transportation, can be modularly assembled on site, and is easy to assemble. (2) The electrical control of the electric desk is highly adjustable, easy to operate and fast. (3) The electric desk lifts smoothly, synchronously and with low noise. (4) The electric desk LED backlight control panel instantly displays the height of the desktop. (5) Electric desk 4 memory preset buttons, remember 4 common heights. (6) The metal structural parts are made of high-quality cold-rolled sheets with firm structure and beautiful appearance. (7) The foot is provided with a universal adjustment foot pad, which is automatically flat on the ground, and the table body is stable without shaking.

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