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US research found that standing more focused, standing office benefits more
Jul 29, 2018

US research found that standing more focused, standing office benefits more

   Recently, the Texas A&M University Health Science Center study found that students who stood in class were more focused than those who sat in class. Preliminary results show that the students' participation in the class has increased their participation in the course by 12%, which is equivalent to listening to the class for 7 minutes more than the students who are sitting in class.

   The results were published in the International Journal of Health Promotion and Education. The researchers conducted a long-term observation of 300 second-grade to fourth-grade students, and measured course participation by raising hands, answering questions, and participating in discussions.

    Dr. Mark Benden, associate professor of the School of Public Health at the Health Sciences Center, said that stand-up desks were first designed to reduce childhood obesity and relieve spinal pressure. Using a standing desk can consume 15% more calories than a traditional desk, and if it is obese, it consumes 25% more calories than a traditional desk. Dr. Mark Benden is not surprised by the results of the study. He said that previous studies have confirmed that even low-intensity physical activity can improve cognitive ability.

    If the office workers always feel that they are sleepy at work, they always lose watermelon and sesame seeds when they work. They can also try to stand up and work. On the one hand, the work can be more focused and improve work efficiency; at the same time, it can alleviate the sore neck and neck pain caused by sedentary; sedentary is easy to accumulate the buttocks and thigh fat, standing in the office can burn more calories, bid farewell to the pear shape. (Health Times, Xiao Xiaowen compiled from today's Science Network)

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