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Sedentary males are not conducive to fertility
May 27, 2018

    Male experts said: Sedentary will reduce the male sperm function, suggesting that men should stand more work, stand watching TV ... ...

    Many young white-collar workers are working hard every day while sitting in front of a computer. The toilets are dragged on and on. They drive to and from work and drive into a traffic jam for a few hours. They sit and chat with their family. The time is even longer. After a good meal, we don't want to move. When we turn on the TV, we sit in an hour. This type of sitting for most of the day will cause the temperature of the male scrotum to increase.

    "Human fertility shows a decreasing trend with increasing age. The number of semen in men varies from life to life, and every week there may be large fluctuations, either high or low." Experts say that young male fertility is not weak. The number of sperm is usually enough to make the wife pregnant. However, if males are sedentary in work and life, the temperature of the scrotum will increase, which is not conducive to spermatogenesis and prostatitis!

     Experts think:

     In order to prevent infertility, male white-collar workers should start from improving their overall health status. They must make their daily life regular, release pressure as much as possible, combine work and rest, and do not sedentary;

     Work at least once every 1 hour, the office is equipped with a adjustable table as much as possible; when you watch TV, you can run in situ or squat, take a walk after meals; these not only help to improve fertility, but also prevent other diseases.

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