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Learning table
Feb 01, 2018

The study table was introduced by Mr. Mengfangang in 1997 as a product, because the patent application is not appropriate (there are few patent manufacturers, only similar to the Beijing creative, Shanghai, Zhejiang, etc.), resulting in a blossoming situation, and constantly improve the formation of four key points:

1, the desktop Tilt 15.6 degrees, 2, have the elbow plate, 3, table height adjustable, 4, there are shelves, the vast majority of learning table also has the following common points: There is a book board, three-storey bookshelf, the desktop can be adjusted, the elbow can be folded downward, the desktop can be lifted, desktop with a table hole, which mainly to the upward learning table products. There are some unique design: WordPad Slow whereabouts do not clamp, folder Book board for easy to wipe the message board, table legs side has a horizontal plate, suitable for young children to use the pedal board and so on. The study table is designed to be able to put the computer model, called the Computer Learning table.

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