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How to match the computer table
Feb 01, 2018

The computer is a kind of special electrical appliance, it is different from the television, the sound place lies in the people when uses it must always close distance operation, therefore has the specific request to the computer placement height, the keyboard mouse position, the ordinary furniture most does not meet the condition. As the saying goes, "Good horse with a good saddle", choose a suitable computer table, you can make your operation easy and comfortable, improve work efficiency. The computer table is made of the middle density board with plastic soft side and fixed by screws. MDF with moderate weight, fire, moisture, acid and alkali, anti-static electricity, cheap money characteristics, is suitable for the production of computer tables. And some so-called high-end computer tables, made from pure wood, expensive, smart consumers presumably will not pay the wrong money. The melamine paint on the computer table is divided into two kinds: smooth (glossy) and matte (pock). Pock Paint feel good, do not slip, not reflective, with a damp cloth after wiping no traces of water stains, but the price of 30 or 40 yuan.

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