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History of the development of a desk
Feb 01, 2018

1956 George Nelson designed the CSS integrated storage system for Herman Miller and began to use the furniture for interior planning in the form of modular concepts and industrial production. Nelson and in 1959 to launch the CPS integrated screen system, so that the concept of system furniture a big step forward.

1960 George Nelson and Robert Propst began studying new office ideas for Herman Miller, developing new ideas for action Office, and published the world's first office furniture system in 1964 (Action office Syetem). And in 1968 launched the world's first office furniture "action office rezoning, including the screen (panel), worktable (worksurface), hanging storage system (hanging storage), thus changing the office of traditional style, The system furniture is widely used in office planning to open office design.

1973 Steelcase launched the screen system "series 9000", so that the concept and advantages of system furniture gradually into every office.

1977 Herman Miller to further human nature of office space Research, launched a personal workstation "work space".

1984 Bill Stumpf Herman Miller's new system furniture "ethospace", a system of furniture that combines human nature, work style and environment. Steelcase also the original traditional screen to increase the surface block design, Haworth successively introduced a new type of block screen called "places".

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