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Healthy office starts with the selection of the adjustable desk
Dec 16, 2018

    It is understood that because the workplace is sedentary, the number of sub-healthy people has increased year by year. According to relevant data, there are 200 million people with cervical spondylosis in China. There is a potential demand for a healthy office environment and office furniture. It is reported that ergonomics consists of six branches: anthropometry, biomechanics, and labor physiology. Ergonomics has achieved great success in Europe and the United States. According to the public information of Nasdaq and NYSE, there are five ergonomic companies in the United States that have listed and have reached the annual sales volume of US$3 billion. Countries such as the United Kingdom, the United States, and Germany have successively introduced regulations that require employers to provide employees with a healthy ergonomic office environment.

    With the improvement of the national health office awareness, the requirements for the desk are also improved, not only satisfying the appearance requirements of the class, but also meeting the requirements of the healthy office. The lifting table is a new type of highly adjustable office desk. . The adjustable table can satisfy a kind of office and office combination, in order to achieve the maximum freedom of liberation. When you sit for a long time and want to stand up and do activities, but do not want to go wrong, then adjust the lifting table to The height of office work when standing, so that you can continue working while the body is stretched, which greatly improves the freedom of the body and reduces the incidence of occupational diseases.

     The adjustable desk is mainly composed of table top table, lifting table legs, table legs, lifting table frame and intelligent lifting control system. The core components are adjustable table legs and intelligent lifting control system. The intelligent lifting control system controls the lifting movement of the lifting table legs, thereby driving the table height adjustment, the lifting table legs are raised, the table top is also raised, the lifting table legs are lowered, and the table top is also lowered. The main function of the adjustable table is the electric lifting function, which can meet the needs of people of different heights, and can also take you into a healthy office mode where you can stand and sit.

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