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Desk Placement
Feb 01, 2018

1, the seat around the environment to tidy:

Office space and the same as home, must have a clean environment, a good environment to make the air around the smooth, but also to have a good fortune and career, odor and evil will have hurt people. Therefore, if you find that there are piles of debris around the seat, litter bins, or access to the moving line is not smooth, you should clean the environment, but also in the original location of the dustbin put some green plants to transform the gas field, the effect is good.

2. No pressure beam or chandelier above seat:

Feng Shui Master Liu Zhorong reminds you to sit under a beam or chandelier for a long time, will also be under the pressure of the gas place 10 disturbance, easy to be distracted, dizzy out of error, will be detrimental to health, people in the work of pressure, by the boss of censure, the villain of slander, even the cervical spine pain, hinder the cause of development. Therefore, if the desk is just under the beam or chandelier to pay special attention to, if the top of the head to immediately move away from the table.

3, the seat is not right to the door:

The gate is an office air inlet and outlet, so the gas field is the most vigorous convection, in addition to the front desk, if the seat right in front of the door, will be affected by the gas field, thoughts will become more confused, the mood will be more unstable. In addition, Feng shui master Liu Zhorong reminds you that your seat is right in front of the door, you can move the seat to the side, if not mobile, you can use a screen or information cabinet to block before the seat.

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