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Feb 01, 2018

1. Various Industries

What is a company's target unit, is the first to consider the project, if most of the company's employees do similar work, that is, can purchase functions similar to the desk, such as a transactional company's desk is not too complicated, advertising companies because the business is more complex, Desks for different purposes, such as the drawing department, may require larger desktops rather than better tables.

2. Storage function

The reception function of the table is personal, therefore, it is necessary to consider the employee's personal work needs, such as the need to receive more information of the staff, you can consider that he has the right two drawers (two large), rather than the right three drawers (two small one), so the help for their work will be greater. In addition, if the procurement table feet higher desk, storage space will be reduced, the purchase can not be careless.

3. Line Configuration function

A good desk should be considered in addition to the space to place information products, there should be enough, including horizontal and vertical line storage space to avoid line exposure, but also to note that High-voltage power supply and information lines need to be isolated, lest due to magnetic field interference caused by data leakage.

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