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Analysis of hardware Technology
Feb 01, 2018

1, in the modern furniture hardware, glass, high light materials (matt Acrylic, paint, high light veneer materials, etc.) and metal materials and traditional furniture plate with the use of the proportion of the rising trend. such as: Full glass door hardware application gradually increased.

2. Damping function becomes the necessary function of all kinds of furniture, for example, the use of damping drawer rail, damping door hinge, damping sliding door hardware, damping door touch, damping upper and lower door hardware.

3., can lift combination table system, desktop shelf management system, such as: LCD display bracket, telephone bracket and so on. A variety of wire management systems, such as desktop dark sockets and a variety of special hardware is widely used in office furniture. For example: Heavy fishing basket drawer, office door hinge, etc.

4, press door hinges, drawer rails and dark handle is widely used in the furniture and dark handle furniture, such as: Push hinge, press pin, push drawer rail, dark handle. A hidden connector is a connection between two plates, from which the connector is invisible, and there are many ways of connecting. Dark handle furniture, seemingly no handle on the surface, use more in the kitchen cabinets, the cabinet is also used, these pressure-type foot chain, open to press.

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