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Advantages and disadvantages of The non-automatic adjustable table
Jul 07, 2018

    The non-automatic adjustable table can also be used as a hand crank adjustable desk. It is a simplified version of the automatic lifting table. It saves the motor or compressor and adjusts the mechanical device, hydraulic rod and gas pressure bar by manpower.

Non-automatic adjustable table.jpg

    Advantages of non-automatic adjustable table: low price, no electricity, no oil

    Disadvantages of non-automatic adjustable tables: a little effort to lift and lower, you need to lift some buttons by hand to achieve the purpose of raising, and the height is limited, most of the similar products sold on some websites are ordinary work, It is easy to knock down. Commonly, the middle one column, the chassis and the desktop are narrow, and the price is generally between one hundred and two hundred

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