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Advantages and disadvantages of the automatic adjustable table
Jul 07, 2018

Advantages and disadvantages of the automatic adjustable table

   Advantages of the automatic adjustable table: the power consumption is small, the style is stable and beautiful, and the lifting range is large.

    These tables are available in single-column and double-column styles. There are two types of lifting and remote control, such as remote control and manual control. This concept is popular in foreign countries. At present, there are also professional automatic lift table manufacturers in China and have developed patented products.

Automatic adjustable table.png

    Disadvantages of automatic adjustable table: the price is high, the price of single and double column is more than two or three thousand, and the price of the same foreign product is higher. Its lifting mainly relies on the electric lifting system. The quality of the lifting system will determine its service life. Because the lifting system is a mature industry, the quality of the manufacturers will generally not have quality problems.

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